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    Jul 9, 2016 The junction capacitance of diodes varies with the amount of reverse bias. Varactor diodes are specially designed to take advantage of this
    Essentials about the varactor or varicap diode including abrupt and hyperabrupt varactor diodes with details about their specifications and how to use them.
    Varactor diode applications. Varactor diodes are widely used within RF circuits. They provide a method of varying the capacitance within a circuit by the application of a control voltage. This gives them an almost unique capability and as a result varactor diodes are widely used within the RF industry.
    Varicap Diode Tutorial and Circuits — Varicap Diodes — Diodes — When the junction diode is reverse biased, the insulating barrier widens. The higher the reverse
    This diode tutorial covers types of diode including junction diode,point contact diode,zener diode,varicap(varactor) diode,gunn diode etc. The identification
    Aug 15, 2008 Introduction. A varactor diode is a P-N junction diode that changes its capaci- tance and the series resistance as the bias applied to the diode.Apr 9, 2014
    Varactor diode doped with a very small quantity of impurities near the junction and impurity concentration increases moving away from the junction. Diodes which are designed to respond to the capacitance effect under reverse bias are called varactors, varicap diodes, or voltage
    May 11, 2014
    Varicap Controlled 555 Oscillator and Varicap Diode Tutorial: I ordered some Varicap Diodes for radio experiments but decided to learn how to use them by


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